Music Museums You Should Visit When In Germany


TYM-Month4-German-Music-Museum-Pic1One of the most enduring things about German culture is its rich contribution to the history of music. As Beethoven (pictured), Mahler, Brahms, Bach, Handel, Haydn, and many other classical German composers have shown, music was and remains an important part of German culture.

Here we shortlist museums in Germany dedicated to music, where one can observe, learn, and of course, listen to music.

Beethoven House
Located in Ludwig van Beethoven’s birthplace at Bonngasse 20 in Bonn, the Museum contains the largest Beethoven collection in the world. It’s a unique insight into the the composer, as the museum has taken great care to chronicle the life and times of Beethoven, from his early life in the Bonn house, to his Vienna years, and his death. The museum houses also several key pieces, including Beethoven’s last instrument, the pianoforte from Conrad Graf.
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Berlin Musical Instrument Museum
The museum, located in Germany’s capital Berlin, holds over 3,500 musical instruments from the 16th century onward and is one of the largest and most representative musical instrument collections in Germany. Objects include a portable harpsichord once owned by Prussia’s Queen Sophie Charlotte, flutes from the collection of Frederick the Great, and Benjamin Franklin’s glass harmonica. The museum also houses a workshop where instruments are made and restored.
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German Museum of Mechanical Musical Instruments
This is not your typical violin museum. This museum in Bruchsal offers one of the world’s largest special collections of mechanical musical instruments, with more than 500 objects on display. Among the rare objects at the museum is a cabinet-like concert orchestrion music machine, which replaced a 40-member string orchestra at the Royal House of Savoy. Also on display is a radiogram with a flute playing mechanism, once owned by Maria-Theresia, former Empress of Austria. There is also a radiogram which the Emperor Napoleon presented to his sister as a gift.
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Bach House
Dedicated to the life and music of Johann Sebastian Bach, the museum is housed in a 600-year-old building in Eisenach, Thuringia. The exhibition features hundreds of items from photographs and furniture to music sheets and instruments, all chronicling the life and music of Bach. The museum’s library contains a large inventory of publications about Bach, his complete works in sheet music and on audio media, as well as numerous bibliophile treasures, and serves as an invaluable source for scholarly research.
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