Five Must-See Museums In Hong Kong

Hong Kong Maritime Museum (read more)
article-HK-travel-museum1Hong Kong owes much of its economic success to its harbour, and the Hong Kong Maritime Museum pays homage to its rich history and present role in this newly built exhibition hall at Pier 8 Central. In addition to its role in commerce, visitors can experience what life was like when pirates roamed the seas, learn how boats evolved to what they are today, and discover how naval warfare was conducted in the old days. It’s essentially Hong Kong’s maritime story in a local, regional and international context.


Bruce Lee: Kung Fu. Art. Life (read more)
article-HK-travel-museum2Bruce Lee spent his childhood in Hong Kong, so it’s fitting that this quintessential Bruce Lee museum was set up in the city to commemorate the 40th anniversary of his death. The exhibition gathers more than 600 items related to Lee from collectors and various institutions, including more than 400 from the Bruce Lee Foundation – the largest number of artifacts the foundation has ever lent out. Among the items on display is Bruce Lee’s iconic yellow tracksuit. The exhibition also recreated scenes from Lee’s movies, his gym and his study to give visitors a glimpse into the martial arts legend’s life.


Hong Kong Racing Museum (read more)
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If you’re a fan of horse racing or curious about Hong Kong’s legal gambling history, this is the museum for you. Located next to the world-famous Happy Valley Racecourse, the Hong Kong Racing Museum charts the evolution and development of the Hong Kong Jockey Club since its inception in 1884. Learn about the equine legends of the club, including the story of taxidermy specimen River Verdon, a Triple-Crown winning horse.


Hong Kong Museum Of Medical Sciences (read more)
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The Hong Kong Museum of Medical Sciences charts the historical development of medical sciences in Hong Kong, and is one of the first museums in the world to compare traditional Chinese and Western approaches to medicine. Housed in the former Old Pathological Institute, which is preserved as a Declared Monument, the museum has 11 exhibition galleries. One these galleries is a recreated herbalist shop featuring traditional Chinese medicinal herbs, tools and apparatus, some of which are still used in herbalist shops today.


Dialogue In The Dark (read more)
article-HK-travel-museum5Can you think of a museum that isn’t designed as a visual space? As far as unusual museums go, the Dialogue in the Dark is probably the most unusual of experiences in Hong Kong. More of a tactile and auditory museum, the exhibition space lets you learn about Hong Kong in the dark. It is both a museum of exploration and tolerance, as you experience what life is like for someone without the gift of sight. With a white cane in hand, and eyes tightly closed, you will be following a professionally trained tour guide into the world of darkness.



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