Tokyo Eateries That You Must Try (Part 2 of 2)

This is Part 2 of a two parts article. If you have not read Part 1, please click here.

Japanese cuisine doesn’t have to be expensive
We’ve scoured food lovers’ blogs to find the best eats in Tokyo’s capital. From a US$6 bowl of noodles to fresh sashimi-topped donburi for US$20, here is a list of 10 spots where you can enjoy the best of Tokyo cuisine without breaking the bank.

6. Chabuzen
tym-article-japanese-month2-food6This little eatery shows Japanese vegetarian food can be just as varied as their omnivorous counterparts. Tucked in a quiet backstreet in Tokyo’s Roppongi Hills, Chabuzen is a great spot for vegetarian curry lovers.

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7. Narutomi
tym-article-japanese-month2-food7This is a zen-on-zen place – a small restaurant with minimalist décor specializing in the most simple of Japanese dishes, the soba. Made in house from scratch, the humble soba (buckwheat noodle) is available plain cold with the dipping sauce on the side, or topped with a minimal amount of shredded greens. You can also try the hot soup version – plain soba served in a broth heated to at 85 to 86 degrees Celsius.

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8. Uobei
tym-article-japanese-month2-food8This eatery is essentially kaiten sushi (conveyor-belt sushi place), where the food is delivered via a ‘maglev track’. Uobei has a few items not normally found in conveyor-belt sushi place (the creatively named ‘maglev’ belt notwithstanding), but is otherwise your run-of-the-mill place. It’s highly rated but not highly priced, so it’s a good bet if you want to experience conveyor-belt sushi.

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9. Tempura Tsunahachi
tym-article-japanese-month2-food9This tempura (battered fry) restaurant offers a 10-course tempura-only meal from the freshest ingredients. It’s all about freshness at Tempura Tsunahachi. The ingredients for your meal are presented you before they are coated in the tempura batter. The shrimp is grabbed from the tank, presented, battered, and fried right before your very eyes to ensure its freshness. Reviewers only have good things to say about the food, and the open kitchen concept certainly adds to the dining experience.

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10. Spice Café
tym-article-japanese-month2-food10The appropriately named Spice Café is the curry restaurant for serious fans of curry. The popular restaurant is located in a rustically renovated apartment building near Tokyo’s Oshiage subway station. The chef is from Kerala, India, and prepares serious, first-class curries both spicy and non-spicy curry.

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