Tokyo Eateries That You Must Try (Part 1 of 2)

Japanese cuisine doesn’t have to be expensive
We’ve scoured food lovers’ blogs to find the best eats in Japan’s capital. From a US$6 bowl of noodles to fresh sashimi-topped donburi for US$20, here is a list of 10 spots where you can enjoy the best of Tokyo cuisine without breaking the bank.

1. Yakitori Hachibei
tym-article-japanese-month2-food1With a few locations in Tokyo, including the upscale Roppongi Hills district, Yakitori Hachibei has an impressive list of yakitori (grilled meat and vegetables on a stick), and an equally impressive list of beer and sake brands. As with most yakitori restaurants, it’s casual dining that can get a little smoky – it’s a barbecue after all.

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2. Maisen
tym-article-japanese-month2-food2In Japan, tonkatsu (breaded, deep-fried pork cutlet), is often served with mounds of shredded cabbage, sweet and tangy sauces, a steaming bowl of Japanese rice and miso soup. Located in the Omote-Sando area on a side street, Maisen is best known for its tonkatsu. A tonkatsu set can cost around US$30, but don’t forget that the cabbage, soup and rice are refillable. A basic katsudon is about US$15.

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3. Nakaya
tym-article-japanese-month2-food3No food trip to Tokyo is complete without a stop at the famous Tsukiji Market, the capital’s biggest wholesale fish and seafood market. So of course it’s the best place to get the freshest sushi at affordable prices. While tourists often throng the more well-known Daiwa Sushi and Sushi Dai, you might want to skip the long queues and head over to the equally good Nakaya for a filling donburi.

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4. T’s Tantan
tym-article-japanese-month2-food4Located in the Keiyo Street area, the moderately priced menu lets vegans go crazy on noodles.
T’s Tantan speciality is its namesake, the Chinese-style tantan noodles, served in a broth flavoured with sesame and peanut oil and available with a range of toppings.

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5. Shin Hinomoto
tym-article-japanese-month2-food5This izakaya is not a place for fussy tourists, but if you want to experience a local ‘hangout’, the izakaya is the place to go. An izakaya is part pub, part restaurant, and at Shin Honomoto, owned by a Brit named Andy, the food is sourced daily from Japan’s famous Tsukiji Market.

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Want more? Check out Part 2 of Tokyo Eateries for another five fabulous eateries not to be missed.


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