Fabulous Festivals To Catch In Thailand (Part 2 of 2)


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This is Part 2 of a two parts article. If you have not read Part 1, please click here.

It’s time to liven up your next holiday in the Land of Smiles.

Get your party hat ready – we’ve rounded some of wacky (and slightly bizarre) festivals in Thailand that attract travelers from all around the world. The rule of thumb? The wackier the affair, the better!

6. Monkey Buffet Festival
tym-article-thai-month1-living6Image Source: http://oddstuffmagazine.com/the-annual-monkey-buffet-festival-at-a-temple-in-thailand.html

When: November 25
Where: Lopburi province, Thailand

Previously described as one of the strangest festivals in Thailand by London’s The Guardian newspaper, it is easy to see why the Monkey Buffet Festival is described as such. Every year on the last Sunday in November, the monkey-infested town of Lopburi treats its small but fearless long-tailed macaques to a massive buffet of fruits, vegetables, soda and lollipops. Hindu lore that says these Macaques are blessed descendants of a great warrior monkey that must be honored but skeptics believe the event is merely a publicity stunt for the town.

7. Sak Yant Tattoo Festival
tym-article-thai-month1-living7Image Source: http://wheresidewalksend.com/sak-yant-wai-kru-festival/

When: March 2014
Where: Nakhon Chai Si, Thailand

Held at the Wat Bang Phra Buddhist temple every year, the ‘Sak Yant Tattoo Festival honours the temple’s master tattooist monks. Sak yant is the Thai term for the special tattoos given by Wat Bang Phra’s famous monks that is said to have mystical powers and ward off physical harm, give good luck and heal. At the festival, those with the tattoos enter a trance and act out the characteristics of the sacred animals inked onto their skin. In fact, Angelina Jolie has previously been inked by a Wat Bang Phra monk during the festival.

8. Bun Bang Fai Rocket Festival
tym-article-thai-month1-living8Image Source 1: http://www.ferienhaus-thailand.net/isaan-touristik.htm

tym-article-thai-month1-living8bImage Source 2: https://i-san.tourismthailand.org/index.php?mode=main_news&start=220

When: May 11-15
Where: Yasothon

Every May, across Northeast Thailand (Isaan) and Laos hold rocket festivals at the start of the rainy season as a fertility ritual. But the Bun Bangfai celebration held in the town of Yasothon is the biggest and wildest, with visitors coming in from Bangkok and the rest of Thailand. The highlight? Giant home made rockets are launched for the sake of to wish for a good rainy season. These rockets aren’t small either – an average rocket is some nine metres in length and carries 20-25 kilograms of gunpowder. The party has music, concerts, harvest predictions and parades.

9. Song Kran
tym-article-thai-month1-living9Image Source: http://bangkokscoop.com/2013/03/15/the-month-of-april-brings-songkran-splendours/

When: April 13-15, 2014
Where: Nationwide

Celebrate the Thai New Year, Song Kran in unforgettable style with the locals every April. Families and friends celebrate the nationwide holiday by visiting temples and splashing water on each other as an act of good will. Splashing is an understatement through. It’s more a case of people throwing buckets of water at you. Some towns just celebrate with water splashing on one day; others extend it into a full week of various ceremonies, water fights, concerts and other festivities. Go to Chiang Mai for the wildest Songkran celebrations.


Precautions to note:
• Take care of your belongings as there will be large crowds at most, if not all of the festivals.
• Note the emergency assistance services, i,e police post, first aid centre so you can quickly seek assistance if needed.
• If you are in a vehicle don’t expect to get to your destination in a hurry as traffic is will be slow
• It is advisable not to ride a motorbike or drive any vehicle as it will be difficult to find parking
• If you are heading out during Song Kran, only take waterproof photo equipment out with you and do not wear expensive clothing as it will be ruined
• Wear sunscreen and apply it regularly
• At the Monkey Buffet festival, be alert and watch your belongings that the monkeys and thieves alike may be attracted to such as swinging shopping bags, or dangling jewellery.

And there you have it. Fabulous Festivals only available in Thailand. Don’t miss them out when you are planning your next holiday!


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