Exploring Bangkok’s Street Food – Part 2

We’ve compiled a list of some of the most common street foods you can find in Bangkok to help get started on sampling those mouth-watering dishes you spy along the way. Check Part 1 for a list of more foods to try.

Rice dishes
Image Source: http://twicsy.com/u/EnjoyThaiFood

After a long day of shopping in Bangkok, you need some carbohydrates to refuel, and nothing says carbs like a big plate of steaming rice, and a serving of protein to fill you up. This khao mun gai tod, or fried chicken on rice [pictured above] is battered (much like your shoes after a day of walking), fried to crispy perfection and often served with rice cooked in chicken stock.

Speaking of chicken, don’t leave Thailand without trying the minced chicken stir-fried with chilli and basil. Served with rice and fried eggs, the dish also comes in minced beef and minced pork portions.

tym-thai-food-khao_mok_gaiImage Source: http://www.eatingthaifood.com

Khao mok gai [pictured above] is another satisfying street food staple that is a little bit similar to the Indian dish biryani in that the rice is infused with turmeric and other herbs and spices common to Indian cooking. The curried chicken is served on top of the rice, and is a must-try for curry lovers.

Another must-try chicken dish is the gai pad prik gaeng, or chicken stir-fried with string beans in chicken curry paste. It has just a hint of kaffir lime leaves and is easily found at most street stalls selling rice dishes.

tym-thai-food-khao_kha_mooImage Source: http://thaisclub.blogspot.sg

For those who can eat pork, try the khao kha moo, or braised pork leg on rice [pictured above]. It’s an adopted (and adapted) Teochew dish that’s so popular there are stalls that specialize just in this dish. Order one and you’ll be given fresh spring onions, chilli peppers, garlic and red chilli vinegar as essential condiments. There are a number of stalls and stores selling this in Bangkok’s Yaowarat area.

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