Five Uniquely Hong Kong Snacks


Most people are familiar with dim sum – those fragrant baskets of little gems served fresh from the steamer. But did you know that there’s more to snacking in Hong Kong beyond dimsum? Here are a few uniquely Hong Kong snacks you can try, utensils not required.

Curry Fish Ball
We’re talking about the street food, not the kind you serve in soups at home. This street snack has been sold by Hong Kong’s hawkers since the 1950s. Deep fried and soaked in curry sauce, it’s a deliciously filling snack on the go. (see image above)
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Pineapple Bun
TYM-Month4-Article-HK-Pic2Hailed by CNN as Hong Kong’s most delicious icon, it’s hard not to love the flaky, crusty, sugar and egg yolk coated soft bun. The pineapple bun can be found in most bakeries and tea houses, where it is often served with a thick slice of butter.

Crispy Bun with Condensed Milk
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A simple but delightfully sweet treat., the bun is crispy on the outside but soft inside., and served filled with condensed milk and, sometimes, butter. Tsui Wah is famous for this treat., best enjoyed with milk tea.

Mini Egg Puffs
TYM-Month4-Article-HK-Pic4Best eaten straight off the stove, mini egg puffs are delicately crunchy on the outside, and soft and sweet on the inside. Also known as eggettes, they are a popular treat for kids.

Wife Cake
TYM-Month4-Article-HK-Pic5A flaky, crusty bun filled with sweet winter melon paste these can be easily purchased at Chinese bakery shops in Hong Kong. Do you know what gives wife cake its flavour? Bakers combine the winter melon mash with white sesame seeds and glutinous rice flour. Coconut in the form of mash or desiccated shreds and almond paste as well as vanilla is also sometimes added.


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Author: Catrine Carpenter

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